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ThayambakaThe tradition of  our various cultural and art forms is of such stature and magnitude that every effort, big or small, to sustain  it should be deemed a laudable achievement. They ought to be enthusiastically welcomed and treated with reverence, for there is still great disparity between the wealth of our tradition and the commitment shown by us to feed and foster its flame. Even after ages, the ratio is so disarmingly out of proportion. There is an awfully great lot we can do in this  direction and we should always applaud the right  moves, no matter  from which  quarter. And,what is more, while  serving and showing our respect for tradition, we should also keep off the beaten tracks and move with the times.   

Government institutions, art societies, charitable institutions, etc, are  already on line in their propagation of art and culture. There  are also  individual sites  of  eminent  artists that give you an idea of a particular art form,its greatness, individuality and so on. In their own ways they serve their turn.

Tradibeats hopes to stand apart from them as a differently envisioned, artist-friendly, multi-utility site with the stamp of a unique identity. The  mission intended  is  given here under:

It is a sore case to lament that the dedicated practitioners of the various temple art forms still lack a common platform to gain a stable idea of what is going on currently in the  performing world. They have no way to interact with one another  or to air or share a view. As result of it, they are unable to streamline their programme schedules and announce their availability in advance. Both the budding and blooming artists still work out their fates on their own, without community links or club-instincts. They are no part of any unions or associations whatever, and often remain blissfully unaware of  the latest  trends and happenings in their respective fields. They exhibit a kind of total absorption in their art which is good for art but  bad for their careers. The bad side is that they are unable to market themselves and reach their audience. The artists eventually remain unknown beyond their local periphery. It is time therefore the performing artists took the wake up call and shaped their lives on their own. Their approach should be much more pragmatic and as befitting the times.

Tradibeats is a positive effort in this direction. Its clarion call is:  Performing artists of the country, wherever you are, Unite !  

With its portals always wide open for them, artists can imbibe  the  latest what -is -on in the  world of art, gain comprehensive and  necessary information on co-artists , know the days and dates of  festival and other  programmes as slated by  temples, cultural forums, art societies, etc. These will be enlisted and periodically updated  in the site.

Artists can thus  keep abreast of the times and, based on them,  streamline their own programmes in advance.  There is option for them to join hands with the greater or smaller professionals, to communicate with the programme conductors, etc. The announcement of their availability in this site will help others to engage them in a given programme. As for the  Conductors , they can book national, international programmes of any traditional art on line. Art and cultural societies can also  register in this site like the  artists and announce their programmes. The benefit, in short, will be mutual and this is the main practical utility of the site.

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