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These apply to both individuals and Institutions.

TradiBeats.com  is just an online booking agency . However , it has to insist, perforce,  certain terms and conditions to facilitate interaction and long-term association  among its  functionaries, artists and  sponsors .

The individuals  or institutions wishing to join the site should first register  formally through application the format of which can be downloaded from this site. This ought to be couriered or mailed with enclosures like  extra information, CDS, Photographs, if any, within thirty days.

Registration will be after scrutiny and approval  by the agency. If approved, a register number and a user I.D. and password will be issued.

The initial fee and Registration fee will be valid for two years .The  registration will have to be renewed thereafter following the same procedures.

Registration fee once paid will not be refunded   under any circumstances .

Your photo, brief resume ,mobile number ,email ID ,etc will be effectively  displayed on  the site .

Any legal disputes regarding the site will be under the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s  Court, Ottapalam.


If the artist is selected  under the presentation or instrument category , it will remain just as a  choice. Changes will be likely if there occur constraints of availability in a particular section on the programme day owing to any inevitable reason. The agency will have full power to make changes in the names  of artists , if the programme is scheduled  by it .

Programme booking  will be on payment of  travel expenditure and 30% of the  performance fee  to the agency as advance . payment is to be effected by Demand Draft  favouring -------------------- and payable   at  par at -----------------/ ---------------/-------------- cherpalchery branches for which receipt will be issued. The artists will be sent only on  full payment of the performance fee  at least  three days before the programme day.

It will be the responsibility if the sponsors to arrange the to and fro travel in connection with the programme . The travel expenditure will be calculated as expenditure  incurred for it by road or rail or air  from the nearest destinations.

The artists  will have to be provided  good facilities for rest and stay reckoning the climatic conditions and provided with good quality food.  These will have to be taken care of by the sponsors.

In inevitable circumstances  or extremely adverse unforeseen occurrences like natural calamities, national level hartals, the agency will exercise its powers to  cancel the programme and to fix it for another day in consultation with the sponsors. In  cases where there will not be a reschedule , the agency will repay the amount paid after deducting the office expenses(  up to 20%) . Refund will be 75% if it is intimated before a month, 50% if before 15 days. There will be no refund if the intimation is received only on the programme day.

Any doubts regarding the terms and conditions will be cleared within two days via e-mail .

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